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by Mary Ann on September 24, 2017

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Emptiness And Fullness Meditation

by Peter Carlson on September 22, 2017

This guided meditation accompanies the posted talk on September 20 entitled “Emptiness And Fullness September 20 2017”.  The meditation proceeds from mindfulness of breathing to a systematic sweeping of investigative attention through the body.  As this is practice, the dominating attentional energy normally dedicated to internal narrative is significantly reduced, instead dedicating investigative attention persistently to present-moment sensational awareness.  Towards the end of the meditation, the opportunity is provided to contemplate a whole-body awareness process, wherein the perceived and conditioned routine of defining boundaries between self and other (dualistic experiential processing) is disregarded, opening awareness that experiences each moment as unlimited, that is, boundarylessness.  This sort of awareness sets the conditions suitable to realize non-dual reality, approaching the experience of nirvana, the unconditioned.

Emptiness And Fullness

by Peter Carlson on September 22, 2017

This talk is a continuation from the posting of September 6 entitled “The Five Aggregates And Emptiness”.  This discussion elaborates on a guided meditation, posted separately, that facilitates how to use body sweep meditation to cultivate a primary, holistic awareness of body sensations to “starve” the selfing process of attention and opening to the awareness of sunnata (shoon-yah-tah) during meditation practice.  The intention of this practice is to reveal the essential “emptiness” of the internal narrative that constitutes the primary misperception of an enduring and autonomous “self” and realize the fullness of whole body awareness.  As this awareness is perfected, all subjectively derived boundaries are diminished between embodied experience and the all-encompassing nature of sensory reality, including sounds, odors, flavors as well as body sensations, leaving and all-inclusive, universal experience that is stable and serene.  This awareness, when sufficiently cultivated, creates the circumstances the facilitate realizing nirvana, unconditioned reality.

Here are the notes prepared for this discussion:   Emptiness And Fullness

The guided meditation entitled “Emptiness And Fullness Meditation” will be posted separately.

Updated Introductory Meditation Course

by Peter Carlson on September 14, 2017

As was announced last week, the introductory course entitled “Meditations On The Noble Eightfold Path” was cancelled due to Hurricane Irma. The new dates for the course are September 25-October 16, at the Women’s Club  Of Winter Park.  The topic will be the core Buddhist concept of the Four Noble Truths, and during each of the four meetings there will be training in mindfulness of breathing meditation.  This course is suitable for beginning meditation students; more advanced meditation practitioners have reported benefits from the “refresher review” aspects of the meetings.  The teacher, Peter Carlson, began practicing mindfulness meditation in 1982 and has been teaching meditation courses and retreats around Central Florida since 1992.  His approach to this practice is secular, that is, the emphasis will be on the practical beneficial results gained from the principles and practices rather than a religious orientation.  The fee for the course is $50, payable to the Orlando Insight Meditation Group.  Registration is simple; simple be at the site around 6:45 to register and receive the handouts.  No special clothing or meditation gear is required, but can be brought if desired.

For more information, contact Peter@orlandoinsightmeditation.org or 407 33-5444.

Regularly scheduled meetings on Wednesday nights at the meditation cottage will resume on September 20.

The Five Aggregates And Emptiness

by Peter Carlson on September 7, 2017

The concept of emptiness (sunnata in Pali) is a core aspect of the Buddhist Awakening process.  This is the first of two discussions of emptiness, with the focus on how the operation of the Five Aggregates, Form, Feeling, Perception, Mental Formations and Consciousness creates the false belief in a separate, enduring and autonomous self.  Each of the aggregates is described, with the emphasis on how craving and clinging affect mental formations and consciousness, creating what the Buddha called “The tyranny of I, Me and Mine”.  The ability to use mindful investigation with the underpinning of understanding the operation of the Five Aggregates to see through the illusory self was explained.  Emptiness is the creativity that is available when a person deconstructs the process of craving and clinging.

This was followed by a lengthy and lively discussion of the evening’s topic.

Here are the notes prepared for this discussion:  Emptiness And The Five Aggregates

Next week’s discussion will be organized around exploring how deepening one’s meditation practice provides a different way to recognize the reality of emptiness and benefits that can be realized from consistent daily meditation.

Coordinating The Paramis

This talk summarizes the process of perfecting those qualities of mind called Paramis.  During the talk, Peter reviewed the sambojjhanga, the seven awakening factors to describe how their increasing effectiveness overcomes any deficits in the functioning of the Paramis. Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  COORDINATING THE PARAMIS

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Franciscan Retreat Report

As is customary, this talk reviewed the weekend retreat at the Franciscan Center in Tampa.  It is beneficial to “think out loud” about one’s retreat experience among folks who may have participated in a retreat or may contemplate going on retreat.  The verbalizing process draws memories from the retreat experience to other parts of the […]

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