Cultivating A Focused And Tranquil Mind

by Peter Carlson on March 8, 2017

This talk explored the ways to use the routine, repetitive practice of aiming attention at the beginning of the inbreath (vitakka [wee-tah-kah] in Pali), and maintaining investigative awareness of the sensations noted during the duration of the inbreath (vicara [wee-chah-rah] in Pali), then repeating this for the outbreath.  This practice cultivates stability of focus (samadhi [sah-mah-dee] in Pali) and tranquility (passadhi [pah-sah-dee] in Pali).  These qualities of stable, calm attention to the emergence of mental phenomena is core to the practice of insight into the nature of experience (vipassana [vee-pah-sah-nah] in Pali).  This was followed by discussion of the night’s topic.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  Cultivating Samadhi And Passadhi

During this talk, reference was made to a guided meditation recorded earlier that day entitled “Investigating The Breath”, which is also part of this post.

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