Topics For The Wednesday Night Discussions During March

by Peter Carlson on February 27, 2017

While Peter is away on retreat at the Forest Refuge for the month of March, various senior meditation students will offer dharma talks during the regular Wednesday evening meetings.  Here is a listing of the dates for these teachers and the topics they will discuss:

March 1, Robert Lockridge, who is also a leader of the Orlando Zen Center, will present a talk entitled “Everyday Life is Practice: Tom Brady as Zen Master”

March 8,  Mike Maldonado will present a talk entitled “The Jara Sutta – The Buddha’s Words on Aging”  One afternoon the Buddha sits outside warming his limbs in the sun while Ananda tells him that his skin is no longer clear, his limbs are slack and his body is bent. The Buddha explains this is natural, old age being inherent in youth, and decay and death being inevitable. While it’s not difficult to understand this on an intellectual level does it seem this process applies to everyone but ourselves? Are we clinging to youth, health and physical beauty? How does Buddhism help us to accept aging, sickness and death in a way that doesn’t result in suffering?

March 15, Mitch Sullen will present a talk entitled “Techniques & Processes That Nurture Awakening”    A facilitated discussion on “awakening”, & “ways & means” of nurturing/realizing “it” in daily life.

March 22, Daniel Logan will present a talk entitled “Practicing Lovingkindness In Difficult Relationships”.  The Pali word metta is generally translated as lovingkindness or loving friendliness. In their recent book “Love Your Enemies,” dharma-teachers Sharon Salzberg and Robert Thurman detail a practice for extending an attitude of metta toward difficult people in our lives. They also provide a practice for addressing those difficult parts of ourselves which can be even more challenging to see and to accept. In tonight’s dharma-dialogue, Daniel Logan will facilitate a discussion on the four categories of “enemy” outlined in the book: 1. The Outer Enemy; 2. The Inner Enemy; 3. The Secret Enemy; and 4. The Super Secret Enemy. In addition to discussing difficult aspects of  our practices, participants will discuss the role and influence of a benefactor on their lives and practices.

March 29, Andy Quinn and Bill Tenpenny, who are members of the Lakeland meditation community, will present a talk entitled “The Heartland Folks: Letting Go And Liberation”.

These talks will not be recorded and posted, so if you are interested in the topic, go to the meeting.  Peter will return in early April, and will talk about the month-long concentration retreat on April 5.

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