Intensive Study Group

by Peter Carlson on January 6, 2018

Peter is actively recruiting participants in the next 8 week Intensive Study Group.  The topic is the four Divine Abidings: lovingkindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity.  Participants will commit to practicing lovingkindness meditation 45 minutes per day for the duration of the course.  Participants will be provided with worksheets to enable a richer and more integrative understanding of the use of these self-state organizations.  The meetings are on Tuesday night from 7:30-9, and will be conducted in a seminar manner, that is, Peter will interview someone about their practice, with the intention to help increase understanding and application of Benevolent Intention, an important component of Buddhist Wisdom.  The interview will be followed by general discussion among those present.  There will be as many of these exchanges as time allows each week.  The series will begin after at least 6 people have committed to the group; at this point, there are 4 commitments.  The fee for the series is $160, payable to Peter, and the group will meet in his home office in front of the meditation hall.  Please email Peter at to get more information or to commit to the series.

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