Recruiting for a Buddhist Intensive Study Group (MBCT)

The current Buddhist Intensive Study Group is scheduled to finish on October 3.  At this time, Peter is proposing the topic for the next 8-week study group, which will focus on Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), a popularized modality for applying mindfulness principles and practices for addressing mental health issues related to anxiety and depression.

This will not be group therapy.

The program will include an extensive handout for participants describing what are called schemas, ways the mind organizes experience to provide meaningful understanding.  When the schemas are irrational, disturbances in the self-organizing process become distorted and disruptive, potentially generating anxiety or depression. Peter prepared this curriculum after reading Tara Bennett Goleman’s book Emotional Alchemy which could represent voluntary additional reading for the course.

Contemporary society is saturated with messages that reinforce the distressing schemas; when they are mindfully identified and disregarded, self-organizing processes proceed more effectively and serenely.  This series of meetings will provide opportunities to identify the cultural circumstances and how they stimulate irrational schema activation, along with mindfulness-based interventions addressing the schemas.

Participants will commit to daily sitting practice of at least 45 minutes for the duration of the course.  Each meeting will be organized as a seminar, involving interviews with the teacher, Peter Carlson, followed by general group discussion of the applicable Buddhist interventions that are beneficial.

The fee for the course is $160, payable to Peter, and can be paid in full at the first meeting, or ½ at the first meeting, with the balance due at the start of the 5th meeting.  The meetings will begin as soon as there are 6 committed participants.  Contact Peter at by email to register, or call 407 339-5444 for more information.